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Today, all of our teachers and students came to our center to watch the school play “Red Kids”. This time, Moving not only gives us a deeper understanding of the small hero against Japan, adding more to our patriotic enthusiasm. Zhang Gazi, Pan Dongzi, Wang Erxiao, radish head four anti-Japanese hero, four red children, together interpretation of the touching story. They listen to their own songs, think of the War of Resistance Against Japan, looking forward to the founding of New China, they are separated from their loved ones simply because of “war.” How they yearned for peace, longing for harmony. What is the biggest dream of two small? Not as a hero, not a luxury request, just be able to put cattle. However, the era of the War of Resistance Against Japan, this small request can not be satisfied Thing! What a beautiful realm! Today, it is much easier for us. However, two small but can not do, he introduced the enemy encirclement, they sacrificed it? How innocent he is He was locked up in jail and could only talk to the small table chair, but the enemy kicked his only friend, no friend, no companion, how sad it is! He had so much experience at his very young age that he could not wait to make friends with the protagonist because he had never had friends and longs for the liberation of war and the desire for peace. How he hopes, can have many friends of new China! “Red Kids” plot humor, the theater laughter one after another, but everyone in addition to laughter, but also inevitably a trace of sadness, there are many insights. Today, we live ample life, no smoke, no war, peaceful coexistence among people, peace of light standing in the hearts of everyone in the school drama is coming to an end, the students together for the red kids high Sing the national anthem, we want to tell them together: New China was established! The war is over! It is the sacrifice of the red child, in exchange for our peace. Thank them! Thanks for their dauntless

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spirit! Red kids, their stories, their songs, their spirit & mdash; forever in the world, a shining star! Red five-star red flag! Believe that the red will be with the red kids, with hearts, with the five-star red flag, flying in the sky of peace! This article links: The next page is more exciting 1

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Read “the city of South China” has a sense of
      today I read “the city of South China” and I fell in love with it. The book is written by Lin Haiyin, who describes the life of Lin Haiyin’s childhood. The main content of the story is: at the end of Two0s, a small alley six year old girl living in Beijing in the south of Lin yingzi. Chi Li often find her daughter &ldquo in the alley; mad woman ” hidesada, is the first British child make friends. Hidesada was secretly in love with a college student, after the student was arrested by the police, hidesada gave birth to a daughter laurel family was again thrown into the city, missing. British sympathy for her son. Yingzi that buddy story is like a little girl

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Laurel son, and found her neck after the green remember, quickly took her to show jane. Hidesada and discrete to recognize her daughter after six years, with little girls at once to find the father, mother and daughter died

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Under the wheel of the train. After the British moved to a new curtains alley. Yingzi also met a young man in the thick lips near the shortage in the garden. He had to steal to help his brother go to school. British children think he is very good, but don’t know he is good or bad. Soon, yingzi picked up a little Buddha in the grassland, found by the police spies, with patrol to the young man away, it makes yingzi very sad. Yingzi at the age of nine, her mother’s husband Feng Daming came to nurse song Lin. Yingzi know Song Ma son two years ago fell into the river and drowned her daughter by her husband sold to others, and my heart is very sad, do not understand why the Song Mother regardless of their children left to serve others. Later, the British child’s father passed away due to lung disease. Mother song was also taken by her husband with a small donkey. Yingzi with his family to take on the travel of the carriage, with all sorts of doubts bid farewell to childhood.      I was deeply touched by the heavy lovesickness and light sorrow in the book; the novel was full of simple and warm thoughts and feelings. Everything in the book is that the water slowly slowly, everything in good order and well arranged, the caravan, and the crowd slowly, slowly away years of … … combined with the view of things, people, things, and feeling like a perfect, elegant and subtle poetry. Lead it through the eyes of childish yingzi, to show the world the adult world with grief at separation and joy in Union, a not naive, but as died of complex emotions.
    that a touch of sadness, that a heavy lovesickness, deep in her childish memories never fade, but also deeply touched me. See “missed”, heart Yang Qi a trace of warmth, because have seldom see such delicate things, because she did not deliberately express what, only a scene a scene depicting a child to calm the old Beijing, it is like living in that. As Wen Houchun and the like, neither too fast nor too slow, pure and indifferent, Miku Kokaoru, that is full of worldly fame, but without a heart.
This article address: http:\/\/\/zuowen\/yingyongwen\/ghg\/1Four1Two10Three0Two1Four178ThreeTwo6FiveFour07.htm next page, more exciting 1TwoThreeFourFivenext pageRead “the city of South China” has a sense of

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Read the education of love
            “ the book is the ladder of human progress; &rdquo is talking about books; books can make people learn many things that can not be learned in the classroom, so that people benefit for life. There are many good books in the world, such as “the education of love”, “childhood”, “&hellip”, “&hellip”, and today, we are going to talk about the education of love. There are one hundred books in this bookdiary,亚米契斯在序书中说:这本书也可以叫做“一个小学生一学年的故事。”我向大家介绍一篇让我受益非浅的diary,名叫:三十的铜板。
          故事的大概内容是这样的:十一月的一天下午,放学后,安利柯(这本diary的主人公)没有直接回家 ,而是去办点儿事情,当走到女子小学门前时,看见一 个年纪很小的少年,一直站在那儿,流着眼泪。

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  Amway Ke is going to ask him, and suddenly ran to several girls, surrounded by, and asked: ““ what’s the matter?” &rdquo, “the young man raised his head and said,” &ldquo, I lost my money. The thirty coppers were earned by sweeping several chimneys. Who knows how to do it when I leave it out of my pocket? “The master will hit me.”! ” a young man’s heart full of grievance. Then there came some girls told the whole story, took out two coins from his pocket and said: “ I only have two, you can get together? ” “ good
”. &ldquo? Who else is there? Do something good.! ” another five or six people took out the money for the purchase; “ eight; … … ten … … fifteen; not enough! &rdquo at this moment, a big girl took out ten coppers of silver coins and placed them in the hands of a young man. Everyone was very happy, but also five, then to the fifth grade, jienangxiangzhu not only made up thirty coins, but also more out of the! The boy was happy

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Shed tears.

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Love moved
Love moved
&nbsp class 6Two Garden Primary School;   Wang Peiqi
At 1Four:Two8 on May 1Twoth XX, a shock tore the earth and shocked china. China is critical! Sichuan critical! Wenchuan critical! The people of the whole country were tense at that moment, 7 years ago. Strong earthquake of magnitude 8! Caused by Sichuan, Gansu, Shaanxi, Chongqing, Yunnan, Shanxi, Guizhou, Hubei, 8 provinces and cities were affected to varying degrees.
In a moment, the beautiful scenery of the city green mountains and rivers, ruins, ruins. I don’t know how many people were buried under the bricks and tiles, and never got up again. I don’t know how many people have lost their loved ones, and the children who are the same age as us have become orphans without their parents.
At this moment, the picture that moved me always appeared in front of my eyes. I saw on TV that when the earthquake came, the teacher immediately led the students out of the teaching building quickly,

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When most of the students had just been led out of the teaching building, the teacher found that there were three studentsYeezy Boost 7Five0Not yet, the teacher returned to the teaching building. But the great earthquake building collapsed, and the respectable teacher never came back. He was buried in the ruins and the three students did not come out. In this dangerous moment, in the teacher’s mind, always put the safety of the students in the highest position, he did not consider their own safety.
And there’s a picture that’s strong. A child is only two or three years old, was pressed under the stone relief people if he hurts, with a hand to help him up a little pressure on him the stone, that young children said: “ uncle, I’m fine, as long as the singing will not feel hurt ”. The child’s mouth was singing our familiar songs: “ two tigers; two tigers running fast…. ” in such a situation, so small

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How strong and brave a child is!
Calamity is cruel, man has love. Love surging in our hearts, all Chinese are helping hands, all over the country supplies have arrived in the disaster area, the rescue force across the country have also rushed to the disaster area, is wearing a white coat angel, dressed in green camouflage of the most lovely people – People’s Liberation Army, and wearing orange clothing the fire brigade officers and soldiers, to help the disaster and rebuild their homes. These let the people in the disaster area see the hope of life, the hope of life.
Our students also extended a helping hand to the children in the disaster area. The students donated their pocket money, Five yuan, 10 yuan, Two0 yuan and 100 yuan…. There are students, their books, toys, and so on, out of charity sale. Although limited in quantity, it represents the students’ love for the children in the disaster areas.
The past cannot bear to think of the past disaster, people love. Let us strive to help those Zhicheng million people united as one man, the hardest hit Sichuan Wenchuan, Maoxian, Mianyang, Qingchuan, Beichuan, Guangyuan and other people, look at the people of disaster areas as soon as possible from the disaster and rebuild their homes out.
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Prehistoric beasts: a sense of the Dinosaur kingdom

Prehistoric beast &mdash: — reading the Dinosaur kingdom Dinosaurs were a very strange reptile that flourished in the Mesozoic, and was the overlord of the earth at that time. Dinosaurs have been studied for more than Two00 years, and as a species peculiar to us, they are enduring. Dinosaurs are strange and familiar to many people. Whether adults or children, as long as the mention of dinosaurs, they will think that the super carnivorous &ldquo monster; ” Rex, head three Genli angle “ little warrior Triceratops, wearing ” “ armored ” giant tank “ ” Ankylosaurus and that long man eating shark. The teeth of Carcharodontosaurus Hunter. But few people understand what dinosaurs actually are. How many members of the dinosaur family are there?. since

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Since I read the book “the kingdom of dinosaurs”, I have known many that make me “ worship ” “ dinosaur hero ” and I have seen the real veil of dinosaurs.
The book mainly deals with representative carnivorous dinosaurs and herbivorous dinosaurs found all over the world. Book 1 (carnivorous dinosaurs) consists of four chapters The main speaker of the Dinosaurs: Rex, gojirasaurus, Sheng Wang Long, Chinese oolong, Spinosaurus, Carcharodontosaurus, Allosaurus, carnotaurus etc.. The second book (herbivorous dinosaurs) consists of 6 chapters By some dinosaurs, such as: dragon dragon, dragon horn, polacanthus, Manicure, supersaurus, dragon, dragon dragon plate etc..
The book gives a brief account of the features and geographical distribution of various dinosaurs and many interesting stories related to dinosaurs in terms of popular, interesting and poetic sentences. In addition, the book also carefully painted more than 1000 exquisite color pictures. So I’m here to recommend this book to all dinosaur fans.
After reading this book, I think we should take good care of itProtect the environmentAnd because our idol may already with the bad environment (volcano) and disappear on this planet, and we are now the earth has become so that we can be in shreds and patches, too horrible to look at, this is our doing good ah “ &rdquo! Littering, emitting exhaust gas, emitting large quantities of harmful substances, and destroying ecosystems. Alas, ozoneYeezy Boost 7Five0There has been a big hole in the layer. The living things on the earth have become extinct, and the resources are much less. Now, our only home, — — the earth has changed its original appearance. Here, I am here to shout to all of you on earth: &ldquo, do not destroy the earth again! ”

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bsp;                                         南京市奥体小学                                   四(Three)班    滕  达

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